Event Name: Christmas Party

6th December 2019

RW Marketing


In a year filled with remarkable achievements, what better way to cap it off than with a grand Christmas celebration? We spared no expense in ensuring that our Christmas Party was an unforgettable affair for everyone involved. Our esteemed line-up of culinary maestros included Chris The, formerly of Black-Star Pastry fame, Chris Wade from Ministry of Steak, and Jeeyun Kang of Grill Americano, each preparing a culinary masterpiece that tantalized the taste buds and delighted the senses.

From start to finish, the evening promised an abundance of culinary delights sourced from only the finest purveyors. Indulge in exquisite cheeses from That’s Amore, savour the succulent meats sourced from Flinders + Co and Yes Porketta, and delight in the freshest seafood from FNQ Seafood. Complementing these culinary delights were an array of premium beverages from Monin, Purezza, and Suntory, ensuring that every palate was perfectly catered to throughout the festivities.

As the night unfolded, guests were treated to a gastronomic journey unlike any other, with each dish crafted to perfection and each sip imbued with flavour and elegance. Laughter, joy, and the spirit of the season filled the air as colleagues, friends, and partners came together to celebrate the successes of the past year and toast to the promising adventures that lay ahead.

In the glow of twinkling lights and festive decorations, our Christmas Party was a true celebration of camaraderie, creativity, and culinary excellence. It was a night to remember—one that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the holiday season and the collective achievements of our vibrant community.


Grazing Table

Selection of Cheeses by That’s Amore


Selection of Charcuterie

Rosemary Focaccia

Octopus Pepper Tart


Korean Beef Brisket

Lamb, Eggplant, Dukkah Taco Seared Tri Tip, Wasabi, Cucumber

Tartare, Chipotle Mayo,

Pickled Carrot, Lemon Myrtle

Kingfish, Avocado, Togarashi, Kimchi

Tuna Tostada

Prawn Truffle Champagne

Moreton Bay Bug

Scallop, Lemon Myrtle Caviar

Desserts & Sweets

Red Wine Cherry Tart (VG)

Xmas Pudding Choux

White Miso Brownie lyokan Cheesecake

Napoleon X’mas Wreath