Event Name: Degani Roadshow

30th July 2019

RW Marketing


RW Marketing hosted the highly anticipated Degani Roadshow, serving as the central hub where franchise owners congregated to immerse themselves in an informative and interactive experience. This exclusive event provided a unique opportunity for franchisees to gain invaluable insights into the exciting initiatives, offerings, and updates that lay ahead for the brand in the forthcoming year.

Amidst an atmosphere buzzing with anticipation, franchise owners were treated to an array of engaging activities designed to showcase the upcoming innovations. From tantalizing tasting sessions featuring a diverse selection of Limited Time Offers (LTOs), beverages, and culinary delights, to insightful presentations unveiling new menu items and strategic business updates, attendees were fully immersed in the brand’s vision for the future.

With each interaction, franchisees not only had the chance to sample and provide feedback on the upcoming products and promotions but also to network and collaborate with fellow owners, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the Degani franchise network.