Event Name: Irinox Next Launch

8th June 2022

RW Marketing


Irinox and Unox collaborated to introduce their cutting-edge Blast Freezer by Irinox to the market. The launch took place at RW Marketing, where dealers, consultants, and technology enthusiasts gathered for an engaging interactive demonstration. Louis Loo and Hendry Wiharto, specially flown in from overseas, led the product launch, accompanied by Nicholas Cioffi from Unox showcasing the ability to cook and chill.

Attendees immersed themselves in the demonstration, gaining insights into the innovative features and technologies of the Blast Freezer. The event provided a platform for participants to explore how this advanced freezer can preserve delicate products by freezing them rapidly, ensuring minimal loss or damage during defrosting.

By delving into the capabilities of the Blast Freezer firsthand, guests gained a deeper understanding of its potential applications and benefits across various industries. The interactive nature of the demonstration facilitated meaningful exchanges and empowered attendees to harness the full potential of this cutting-edge technology.