Event Name: Irinox Next Launch

20th March 2023

RW Marketing


Irinox and Unox joined forces to unveil their state-of-the-art Blast Freezer by Irinox to the market. The launch event unfolded at RW Marketing, drawing a crowd of dealers, consultants, and tech enthusiasts eager to experience the innovation firsthand. Louis Loo and Hendry Wiharto, specially flown in from overseas, spearheaded the product unveiling, while Marco from Unox demonstrated the appliance’s cooking and chilling capabilities.

In an intimate setting conducive to exploration, attendees participated in small focus groups where they could engage directly with the Blast Freezer. Through hands-on demonstrations, guests gained valuable insights into the appliance’s diverse functionalities and its potential applications across various industries. The interactive nature of the event fostered meaningful discussions and empowered attendees to grasp the full scope of this cutting-edge technology