Event Name: Kyoto Prefecture Activation

19th March 2021

RW Marketing


RW Marketing and Tryber jointly hosted two sessions showcasing the Japanese prefecture of Kyoto, with a focus on the Tango Peninsula. The highlight of the event was the showcase of Matcha and Hojicha products originating from this region. Embracing the theme of Matcha and Hojicha, we were delighted to welcome the creative talents of the Hatter and Hare team, renowned for their imaginative desserts inspired by the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.

The event featured Grow Green Tea Matcha, experts in the cultivation and importation of these prized teas. Attendees were treated to a captivating master tea ceremony, offering insight into the intricate process of tea brewing. Additionally, Koki demonstrated his expertise in crafting special coffee brews and matcha-infused beverages, adding a contemporary twist to traditional flavours.

Hosted at RW Marketing, the showcase served as a platform to activate and inspire attendees, encouraging exploration and experimentation with these new flavours and tastes. Guests learned how to prepare and utilize Matcha and Hojicha to unlock their full potential, enhancing their culinary repertoire.

To complement the tasting experience, special sake tastings were arranged, offering a perfect pairing with the exquisite flavours of Kyoto. The event provided a multisensory journey, celebrating the rich cultural heritage and culinary delights of the Tango Peninsula, leaving guests inspired and enthralled by the allure of Matcha and Hojicha.


This event was organised by Tryber and RW Marketing