Event Name: Les Toques Blanches

9th October 2018

RW Marketing

RW Marketing had the honour of hosting the October Monthly Meeting for Les Toques Blanches, a prestigious Chef Association, where we proudly unveiled our state-of-the-art innovation center. A special appreciation goes out to Unox Australia, whose innovative cooking technology showcased the future of culinary possibilities, epitomized by their revolutionary product, Evereo – where “Hot is the new cold.”

Les Toques Blanches stands as a distinguished Australian Association of Professional Cooks, comprising individuals holding significant positions within the commercial cookery industry, including Chef de Cuisine, Executive Chef, and related occupations, reflecting their extensive experience and level of responsibility in the culinary field. Based primarily in Victoria, this esteemed association is committed to fostering fellowship, professionalism, and excellence in commercial cookery through a diverse range of activities, including functions, competitions, dinners, excursions, and workshops.

At its core, Les Toques Blanches serves as a platform for networking, advocating industry standards, and facilitating continuous improvement through comprehensive training programs. As stewards of culinary excellence, the association is dedicated to advancing the art and science of cooking while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and craftsmanship within the industry.