Event Name: Les Toques Blanches – Tokushima Showcase

5 February 2024

RW Marketing


RW Marketing proudly hosted the inaugural meeting of the year for Les Toques Blanches, featuring an exploration of the exquisite produce from Japan’s Tokushima Prefecture. This gathering aimed to immerse attendees in the enchanting flavors and artisanal ingredients indigenous to Tokushima, inspiring culinary creativity and appreciation.

Discovering the Magic of Tokushima: Guests were invited to uncover the enchanting allure of Tokushima Prefecture, renowned for its temperate climate, pristine air, and fertile soil, which converge to yield an abundance of exceptional local produce. From the zesty citrus to the savory Naruto Wakame seaweed, each ingredient showcased the region’s rich culinary heritage and natural bounty.

Culinary Showcase: Chef Kengo masterfully curated a delectable menu that highlighted the distinctive flavors of Tokushima’s produce. Meanwhile, Chie expertly paired the dishes with a selection of beverages, further enhancing the dining experience. The event, meticulously organized by Tryber Pty Ltd, offered guests a culinary journey through Tokushima’s gastronomic landscape.

This event was organised by Tryber and RW Marketing


Sake Selection: Guests had the pleasure of indulging in a selection of premium sake, including Narutotai Tokushima Shikoku and Hiya Irishi, which perfectly complemented the flavors of the Tokushima-inspired menu.

Menu by Chef Kengo
Kamo somen
Slow cooked duck breast & Tokushima somen noodles w dashi broth

Hiya yakko
Tokushima cold tofu with grated fresh ginger and Kadocho soy sauce

Miso yaki salmon w Yuzu daikon
Grilled miso honey marinated salmon w Tokushima yuzu puree and Tokushima yuzu pickled white radish

Sudachi Chirashi sushi
Tokushima Sudachi flavor sushi w Kadocho soy sauce marinated NZ snapper sashimi