Event Name: Mollydooker x Mayura Station

18th April 2024

RW Marketing

RW Marketing proudly organized and hosted an exclusive restaurant partners evening for two exceptional brands, aiming to showcase their premium offerings within Melbourne’s bustling food industry. Partnering with Mayura Station by Global Meats, the recent recipient of the prestigious Wagyu Branded Beef competition’s 2024 Grand Champion award, we curated an unforgettable culinary experience accentuated by the exquisite Mollydooker wines.


Collaborating with renowned chefs including Dave Stewart from Ascot food + wine and Kinsan Iron Chef, alongside Peter Gunn from Ides, and special guest Sam Burke from Meat and Livestock Australia, we crafted a sensational six-course menu to showcase the unforgettable quality of Mayura Station Wagyu and the distinctive flavours of Mollydooker wines.


The evening provided a unique opportunity for guests to delve into the world of Mollydooker wines, learning about their exceptional craftsmanship and what sets them apart. Additionally, we were honoured to welcome special guests from Japan, including the owner of Nakayama Wagyu, the recipient of the prestigious title of world’s best Wagyu at the 2022 Wagyu Olympics.


Originating from McLaren Vale, South Australia, Mollydooker is a family-owned winery renowned for its exceptional wines and innovative techniques. Guests had the pleasure of meeting Luke Marquis and Matthew Willmer, who shared insights into Mollydooker’s rich heritage and commitment to crafting outstanding wines since 2005.


The highlight of the evening was the rare and extraordinary pairing of Mollydooker wines with Mayura Station Wagyu, curated by RW Marketing and our team. This unforgettable experience brought together the finest in wine and steak, resulting in an evening of unforgettable culinary delight.