Event Name: Niigata Showcase

7 December 2023

RW Marketing


Niigata, nestled along the coast of Japan, is celebrated for its rich agricultural heritage, particularly renowned for its exquisite rice and sake production. Its chilly climate facilitates the preservation of seasonal vegetables and produce during the winter months.

At a recent event organized by Tryber and RW Marketing, guests were treated to an extraordinary culinary experience featuring an array of delights from Niigata. From the renowned rice and sake to indulgent offerings like whisky, wagyu beef, and lobster, the evening was an unforgettable celebration of Niigata’s culinary prowess.

Even if Niigata Prefecture is unfamiliar to you, chances are you’ve savored its produce elsewhere in Japan. Renowned for its luscious strawberries, exceptional seafood, and the esteemed koshihikari rice variety, Niigata boasts a culinary legacy that captivates the senses.

Venturing into the countryside reveals breathtaking terraced rice fields, a testament to Niigata’s agricultural prowess. And where there’s rice, there’s sake—Niigata’s top breweries craft premium sake amidst picturesque mountain scenery, offering the perfect complement to a day of exploration.

This event was organised by Tryber and RW Marketing