Event Name: Supermodern x Skanos

21 March 2024

Focacceria Pugliese

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, an exciting activation took place at “Focacceria Pugliese x Pizza Master,” aimed at showcasing the versatility of the Pizza Master oven. Skanos and Super Modern collaborated to organize this event, which featured two esteemed Pizzolos, Donato and Tino from Tino’s in Perth.The goal of the activation was to highlight the capabilities of the Pizza Master oven while providing guests with an immersive culinary experience.

Throughout the evening, attendees embarked on a journey of pizza discovery, exploring various styles including Deep Dish Pizza, Traditional Pizza, Focaccias, and Roman-style pizza. Despite being cooked without a traditional wood fire, each dish perfectly replicated the authentic wood-fired taste, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of the Pizza Master oven.

It was a fabulous evening filled with culinary delights and valuable insights into the world of pizza making. Guests gained a newfound appreciation for the Pizza Master oven and its ability to produce high-quality, delicious pizzas that rival those cooked in traditional wood-fired ovens.