Event Name: Tokushima Citrus Tasting

15 December 2023

Kuro Bar & Dining


Situated in Kent Street Sydney, Kuro Bar and Dining stands as a proud recipient of the SMH Good Food Guide Awards 2023, boasting a prestigious One Hat accolade. This acclaimed establishment provides the perfect setting to showcase the vibrant flavours of Tokushima Citrus, where Japanese precision seamlessly blends with Australian produce under the culinary mastery of Chef Taka Teramoto. With a culinary background that includes stints at Michelin-starred restaurants such as Restaurant Pages in Paris and Florilège in Tokyo, Chef Teramoto brings a wealth of expertise and creativity to the table.

The focal point of the event was to explore and compare the distinct flavours of Japanese citrus sourced from Tokushima prefecture. Guided by the expertise of Kokoro World, attendees were treated to an immersive masterclass that delved into the nuances of each citrus variety.

The tasting experience featured an array of dishes prepared by Chef Taka Teramoto and Kosuke Yokoyama, complemented by innovative drink pairings curated by Masa Onishi. From the refreshing notes of Yuzu to the zesty Sudachi and aromatic Yukou, each citrus variety was expertly showcased in a range of culinary creations, offering a sensory journey that delighted the palate and awakened the senses.

Organized by Tryber and RW Marketing, the Japanese Citrus Tasting event aimed to activate the senses through a curated selection of culinary delights and expertly crafted beverages.

This event was organised by Tryber and RW Marketing..



Fresh Tajarin/ Scallop/ Tsurumurasaki

Toribushi/ Sweet Fish Soy Sauce

Yuzu Margarita


Blackmore Wagyu Rump Cap/ Black Rice Koji

Soy Sauce/ Eggplant

Umami Sake Sparkling


Sudachi/ White Chocolate Bonbon

Black Kaffir Lime

Sudachi Mojito

Food by: Taka Teramoto & Kosuke Yokoyama

Drinks by: Masa Onishi