Event Name: Wagyu Butcher VIP Demonstration

27 November 2023

RW Marketing


It was an extraordinary evening where the flavours of Nagasaki Wagyu and Australian Wines intertwined to create a culinary masterpiece. Led by Marika, the renowned “Kimono Butcher” from Japan, guests witnessed the meticulous art of breaking down a knuckle of Nagasaki Wagyu. Chef Ikuie Arakane then transformed this premium Wagyu into a delight of dishes, each highlighting its exquisite flavour and texture.

The menu, carefully crafted for the occasion, featured a succession of dishes designed to tantalize the palate. Guests were treated to a delightful assortment of appetizers, showcasing the harmonious blend of sea urchin roe, white truffle, and Wagyu nigiri sushi, all delicately flavored with Dashi Nikiri Soy. This was just the beginning of a culinary journey that promised to delight and surprise at every turn.

As the evening progressed, the Wagyu continued to take center stage, with dishes like Wagyu Beef Tataki adorned with a refreshing yuzu and saikyo miso dressing, and Sumibiyaki Wagyu Steak served with Nagasaki Oroshi Ponzu, captivating the senses with their rich flavors and succulent textures.

Each dish was thoughtfully paired with exquisite Australian wines, expertly selected by Master Sommelier Masahiko Iga, enhancing the dining experience and elevating the flavors to new heights.

The dessert offerings were equally impressive, with creations like Mango Terrine and Iyokan & Pear Sorbet providing a refreshing and indulgent conclusion to the culinary journey.

Throughout the evening, guests were transported on a gastronomic adventure, exploring the intricate flavors and textures of Nagasaki Wagyu paired with the finest Australian wines. It was a celebration of culinary excellence, leaving guests with memories to savor long after the evening had ended.

This event was organised by Tryber and RW Marketing


Upon Arrival
Kinsan special dish
Kagura Gin and Longrays Pacific Tonic

Sea Urchin Roe & White Truffle on Wagyu Nigiri Sushi with Dashi Nikiri Soy
House of Arras “Brut Elite” Sparkling

Wagyu Beef Tataki, Yuzu & Saikyo Miso Dressing
Reed Wines “Coeur” Riesling 2022

Sumibiyaki Wagyu Steak with Nagasaki Oroshi Ponzu
Savaterre 2019 Pinot Noir, Beechworth

Wagyu Beef Cutlets with Demi Glaze Sauce
Barr-Eden Estate “Love Over Gold” Shiraz 2017

Thai Wagyu Beef Salad
Buono Sake

Wagyu Beef Bourguignon
Nakata Cask Strength Umeshu

Mango Terrine & Iyokan & Pear Sorbet
Schmolzer & Brown “La Piana” Semi-Sweet Riesling
Ikikko Deluxe

Nagasaki Traditional cake


Joe Avati

Carlo Cunico, Zagame

Giorgio Linguanti, That’s Amore Cheese

Craig Pickford, CyberChill Refrigeration

Andrew Lew, Symmetry Coffee

James Mele, The Meatroom

Sam Zouki, Zouki Group

Amy Bartholomeusz, The Kokoro World

Daisuke Hashimoto, Nagasaki Prefecture

Daisuke Akamatsu, JETRO Sydney

Marika Watanabe, Kimono Butcher

Jun Hasegawa, Tryber