Event Name: Wakayama Super Food Tasting

2nd March 2022


Embarking on a culinary journey organized by Tryber and RW Marketing, guests were treated to a superfood tasting experience featuring exquisite produce from Wakayama prefecture. Deliberate care was taken in selecting the perfect venue to elevate these exceptional ingredients, leading to the choice of Komeyui in Melbourne, renowned for its mastery of high-end Japanese cuisine. Under the leadership of Chef Owner Kuma, his talented team consisting of Danny and Alvin embarked on a culinary odyssey to craft a menu that would highlight the unique flavours and qualities of Wakayama’s superfoods.

This event was more than just a tasting—it was a celebration of Wakayama’s culinary treasures. Each dish on the meticulously curated menu served as a testament to the region’s rich agricultural heritage and dedication to quality. Guests savoured the diverse array of superfoods, expertly prepared and artfully presented by the skilled culinary team.

To complement the culinary journey, a selection of carefully curated beverages was thoughtfully paired with each dish. Whether it was a refreshing sake, a crisp wine, or a perfectly brewed tea, every sip enhanced the flavours of the superfoods, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes and textures.

Overall, the WAKAYAMA Super Food Tasting event was an unforgettable culinary experience, showcasing the best that Wakayama has to offer while providing guests with a newfound appreciation for the region’s superfoods. Through the artistry of Chef Kuma and his team, attendees were transported on a gastronomic adventure that celebrated the essence of Wakayama’s culinary heritage.


This event was organised by Tryber and RW Marketing




Pacific Oyster with Mikan Jelly Mikan Juice “KIWAMI” – The Extreme

Zensai 1

Mussel, Chrysanthemum Salad

“Ume-Kosho” Kishu Plum and Blue chilli Paste

Salted Salmon, Radish, Shallot, Yolk Vinegar

Marusho Rice Vinegar ” SANBAIZU”


Burdock Chawan-mushi

TSUNO Rice Bran Oil


Tuna, Hiramasa

KADOCHO, Cloudy Soy Sauce ” TAKUMI”


Pacific Saury, Daikon, Shitake

MARUYAMA Salted Plum


Binchotan Wagyu

YUASA Smoked Soy sauce


Momo, Peppermint Rain

MATSUO Peach Purée



Toro, Ebi, Ikura

Rice “Kinmemai Premium™” | Saika, Ginjo Red Vinegar | YUASA Smoked Soy Sauce



“MONAKA” Dried Persimmon, Soy Cream Cheese

KADOCHO, Cloudy Soy Sauce “Takumi”